SSG Supplier creates more efficient industry by means of automated supplier assessment.

SSG Supplier is a digital service for automated supplier assessment, allowing you to spend your time doing other things. SSG Supplier automatically ensures that your suppliers or contractors are meeting your predefined supplier requirements for supplying or carrying out work relating to quality, the environment or finance, for example. Your suppliers submit their details once via an online interface, and as a buyer all you need to do is access a single site to review them. Clients and suppliers are brought closer to one another, administration is reduced and industry is more efficient as a result.

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Supplier evaluation and supplier portal all in one

SSG Supplier is a supplier portal where clients go in and review data submitted by suppliers. The supplier logs in and submits details and documentation, and these are supplemented by means of external information sources. Suppliers are then filtered on the basis of predefined client requirements to create a list of approved suppliers who meet these requirements, so you do not have to review all the details. Clients can also find alternative suppliers if they wish to do so. In turn, the supplier or contracting company can see which requirements are defined for approval by a plant or buyer. The suppliers that meet these requirements are displayed directly as approved suppliers in the interface for the service.

SSG Supplier is also linked with SSG Access, the SSG access control service. This means that as a plant owner, you can demand that companies meet your requirements to be allowed to work, and contractors have to have the right skills to be allowed to access the site.

Making life easier for clients and suppliers

SSG Supplier makes life easier for everyone. As a client, it gives you the scope to keep track of your suppliers, with details that are always updated; and as a supplier, all you need to do is enter your details in a single location to be searchable in the service. Moreover, SSG Supplier keeps track of things for you to let you know when you need to update your details.

SSG Supplier includes information on:

  • Basic data
  • Financial information
  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Work environment
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Annual licence

For suppliers:
The annual licence is based on company turnover

  • Company turnover between SEK 0 and 20 million: SEK 1000 / year
  • Company turnover between SEK 20 and 100 million: SEK 3900 / year
  • Company turnover over SEK 100 million: SEK 8900 / year

For clients:
Clients pay for an annual licence. Training and help with getting started are included. Please contact us for more information.

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