SSG Standard can be bought in two ways

There are two different ways to buy SSG Standards. You can buy individual standards, or take out a subscription.

Individual standards

If you need one or more standards for a specific instance, you can select the standards you require and buy up to date editions on the SSG website.

Click here to buy individual standards.


You can select one or more technical fields to subscribe to when you take out a subscription. The easiest way to access your standards is by logging in to the SSG website. The latest documents will automatically appear on your page and you will always have the latest versions of your standards available. A subscription will also allow you to access older versions of standards, as well as editable annexes where applicable.

SSG standards as project documents

If you are working on a project, you can use a subscription to share your standards via project documents. In project documents, you select which of your standards you need and you can then allow your contractors and suppliers to access them. The documents will remain accessible for the project period defined by you. With project documents, everyone working on the project can be secure in the knowledge that they have access to the right versions of the right standards. Project documents can also be accessed via the SSG website.

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