SSG Connect is a new Internet of Things platform for industry which allows solutions to be implemented regardless of product or supplier.

SSG has developed a new technical IoT platform for industry in close partnership with stakeholders such as ProcessIT, SCA Obbola and SCA Munksund. The name of this is SSG Connect.

SSG Connect has been developed using Microsoft Azure and uses an open, standardised interface. Many stakeholders have previously developed individual solutions for their own specific products to date, leading to various, supplier-unique IT environments and so causing difficulties in terms of both use and maintenance. With SSG Connect, we are setting our sights higher and instead facilitating collective solutions in order to ensure more efficient resource management and industry.

Facilitating multiple applications

One of the major advantages of SSG Connect is that the platform can be linked to process information systems in industry. Together with a security solution, it is then technically possible to produce production, maintenance and financial data in a standardised manner using cloud services. With algorithms, this data can be used to develop other services in order to enhance efficiency in industry. It also increases the chances of other external creative third-party developers contributing their own applications.