Collect and display your skills in the SSG Profile skills database

SSG Profile is a skills database where contractors can store their skills such as hot work, forklift training and other certificates.

This service gives contractors the opportunity to collect and display their external skills and SSG courses in a single location, thereby allowing industrial plants to see whether contractors have the right skills and authorisation to work there. SSG Profile facilitates administration by indicating the authorisations of contractors visiting plants, and contracting companies do not have to manage their own skills registers.

Flexible and online

Contractors use an online interface to enter their skills, certificates and other training in SSG Profile. These are then displayed to industrial plants using the service, allowing them to make sure their contractors have the skills they need.

SSG Profile is linked to the SSG Access card, which means that industrial plants using SSG Access can automate access and view authorisations by using SSG Access card readers. Part of SSG Access involves facilitating staffing for both plants and contracting companies. A contracting company may be flagged up in the database to indicate that they have to provide staff for a specific plant, and they can use the interface to submit information on the people who are to carry out work on site. So submitting information is easy for the contracting company, and following up on this information is easy for the plant.


Pris per company and year: By request