New price for SSG Entre from January 1st 2021

By the following notification, SSG will, from January 1st 2021, adjust the price for SSG Entre Basic Course. Price adjustments normally take place at 3-year intervals, due to current circumstances, SSG decided to postpone it from 2020 to 2021.

Price increase SSG Entre Basic course for Entrepreneurs

25 SEK/yearly based on the course's 3-year validity period and thus increases from 900 SEK to 975 SEK for SSG Entre Basic Course for Entrepreneurs.

New responsive design

Updates will also be launched in early 2021, which means that the course will be more responsive and can easily be performed in different mobile devices. Users will also have the opportunity to control information in their user profile, delete old company connections, update contact information and more. We work continuously to review and improve functions to better support general safety requirements, including GDPR, for everyone's safety.

New login method

In addition to a new responsive design, the current function for logging in to courses (course participant code), will be replaced during Q1, 2021. A one-time password(OTP) that is sent to the course participant via e-mail or to the mobile phone in a text message (SMS).

Available in 18 languages

The Basic Course is currently available in 18 languages, SSG sees that language translations are an important prerequisite for achieving the goal of raising basic knowledge and strengthening the safety culture for everyone in the workplace. SSG will be launching updates toward the beginning of 2021, which means that the course will be more responsive and can easily be used with different mobile devices.

Access to a beta version

When it comes to new functionality in our services, you now have the opportunity to participate and leave important feedback to us during the development process. You do this by participating in Beta programs.

Together, we ensure that the industry is a safer workplace and that everyone is allowed to come home unharmed when the working day is over.

More information

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact our support.