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SSG Delivery Contract is a standardised contract to assist with procurement, purchasing, design, commissioning and supply of industrial plants.

This contract makes it easier to do business in industry, and the parties can feel secure in the knowledge that it includes carefully devised standard clauses and annexes adapted to suit the process industry and Swedish and European legislation.

SSG Delivery Contract includes complete headings on elements such as general terms and conditions, technical data and warranties, specification and delivery, and it can be used as a template. The parties fill in their agreements and terms and conditions, thereby facilitating the procurement and purchasing process and reducing the number of contract variants available on the market. This contract is suitable for complex agreement and simpler purchases of products, for instance.

Developed together with lawyers and industry suppliers

SSG Delivery Contract has been developed and devised together with the SSG Contracts Committee, which works in partnership with external lawyers and industry suppliers. This contract is revised at regular intervals in order to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and sector terms and conditions. This ensures that the standard contract is up to date, secure and of high quality, and clearly recognised by clients and suppliers alike.

This contract, which was initially launched in 1975, is used by clients, suppliers and hired technical consultants in industry. Customers include many stakeholders in the Swedish and European forestry, steel, food and energy industries, as well as suppliers to industry. Four variants of the contract are available, in four different languages.


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