An interactive, online, certified safety course for anyone working in an office environment

3 hours
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SSG Safety General course - Office helps to enhance overall skills, along with awareness and understanding of work environment issues in the workplace. This course makes it easier for companies to meet requirements when it comes to notifying their staff of applicable Swedish work environment legislation. The course is generic and can be used in various industries and by various company types. It is also possible to create a company-specific supplement in order to describe internal rules, procedures and specific risks.

Course objective

The objective of this course is to enhance expertise in the field of safety and the work environment. This enhanced expertise paves the way for a better work environment and less ill-health in the workplace.

Target group

The course is aimed at people who mainly work in an office environment.

Course content

The course content includes:

  • Systematic work environment management
  • Ergonomics
  • Attitudes and behaviour
  • Health
  • Fire and emergency


This is an online course, and facts sections are alternated with slideshows, animations, videos and educational exercises in order to increase student involvement. The course ends with a final test, and students can download diplomas when they pass this test.


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