Interactive, web-based training for employees in industry, focusing on fire knowledge, fire hazards, fire safety and systematic fire safety management.

2 hours
500 SEK

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SSG Fire Safety course is designed to assist with industry’s own fire safety management. All companies are obliged to carry out systematic fire safety management by law, and this includes providing personnel with training and information on fire safety. This course is general and can be used in various segments of Swedish industry. It is available in Swedish and English.

Objective of training

The purpose of SSG Fire Safety course is to help all employees understand how fires start and can be prevented. This training was developed in partnership with the Swedish Fire Protection Association, and a version customised for the forestry industry is offered in addition to the general version suitable for all industry.

Target group

The SSG Fire Safety course provides interactive, web-based fire safety training aimed at employees in industry.

  • Course content
  • Course content elements include:
  • Fire knowledge
  • Fire risks
  • Safety systems and extinguishing
  • Alarms and instructions
  • Systematic fire safety management
  • Implementation

The training is web-based, and facts sections are alternated with actual examples, videos and interactive exercises in order to increase student involvement. The training ends with a final test, and students can download diplomas when they pass this test.


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