Having the right knowledge will reduce the spread of infection! Free course on COVID-19!

The spread of the novel coronavirus is having a major impact on people, our jobs and our world. Having the right knowledge about how to prevent infection will allow us to reduce the consequences together and create a safer work environment. This is why SSG is offering its COVID-19 course to Swedish industry free of charge.

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Swedish industry is working hard to cope with the consequences and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Having the right knowledge is a major factor when it comes to limiting the spread of infection, and thereby minimising the impact of the virus on people, companies and the world. Here at SSG, we want to help support industry during this trying time. This is why we have devised our COVID-19 Information Course, a training course based on information and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and 1177 and providing information and knowledge on how you can limit the spread of the coronavirus using simple methods.

Target group

This course is aimed at everyone, such as everyone working in Swedish industry. It is aimed at plants and their employees, contractors and suppliers.

Course content

This course provides information on how you can reduce the spread of the coronavirus, based on information provided by Swedish authorities. The course is available in Swedish, English, Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, German and Polish.


The course takes about 15 minutes to complete and is web-based. This course shows facts together with pictures, animations, videos and interactions. The course concludes with a final test to ensure that the person doing the course has assimilated the information. The course can be repeated if necessary.

A pass in this course is valid for one year and is stored on the SSG Access card like all other SSG courses.

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You can define this course as a requirement for site access in the same way as SSG Entre, for example. The access and entry service SSG Access is required for this. Please contact us for more information.

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