SSG is a popular safety training course for contractors

SSG Entre

SSG Entre is a safety training course for industry contractors. It is by far Sweden's most popular safety training course with 160,000 contractors trained so far.

In Sweden over 160 companies, among them SCA, LKAB and Scania, require their contractors to show an SSG Entre passport before starting work. For a full list of the companies involved, see participating companies.

Contractors are a vulnerable group who spend time in traditionally risky environments. The courses offered in the concept aims to increase awareness of the risks and how to handle them.

SSG Entre is web based and therefore the contractor can complete the training anytime and all you need is a computer with internet access. The result are then sent to SSG and once the company´s contact person has verified the result and stored a photography there will be sent an Entre Safety Passport to the contractor. Entre Safety Passport is proof of that he or she has completed the final knowledge test.

In addition to the general safety training course, several industries have local web-based courses. These are available to all contractors and are administered by SSG. The Entre Safety Passport has to be shown to gain entry to industrial plants that are signed up to SSG Entre. There is also the possibility of using the Entre Safety Passport as a key card since it contains access control technology tailored to the majority of industries in question. Completing SSG ensure that the contractors have a basic knowledge about risks and potential dangers in a working environment. SSG maintains and builds on the concept in consultation with appointed experts from the Swedish industry. The card is valid for three years, after which it has to be renewed by repeating the course. Some local courses is valid shorter and nedded to be renewal more often. 

From 2013 Entre Safety Passport provided with photography.  

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